Strict new commercial EPC property laws come into force April 2018

English legislation on energy efficiency ratings in commercial properties will change from 1st April 2018; with potentially devastating consequences if property owners don’t update their efficiency in time.

The EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for all commercial premises must be rated as an E or above under the new rules, and if they do not fit within the standard cannot be leased or have any leases renewed.


Those whose commercial property falls below the new required minimum energy standard – whether intentional or not – will be subject to fines and be unable to lease out their unit/s. To avoid this, it’s imperative that properties are properly rated. For commercial EPC England or commercial EPC Scotland, Scottish Energy Services are the best value and most efficient service provider to properly assess and advise on your building’s efficiency. Contact them today to discuss your requirements and ensure you’re not fined or inconvenienced as a result of the new rules.

Minimum Energy Standard

The new minimum energy standard aims to promote sustainability and energy efficiency within business premises across the UK. Building Energy Performance Certificates rank the efficiency of a property, with A being the highest and G the lowest grade available. All commercial properties in the UK have been required to have a Commercial Energy Certificate for almost a decade, but there has been little incentive to increase a building’s energy efficiency. A highly rated commercial EPC has been a ‘nice-to-have’, particularly when promoting a property for rent, but there has been no negative or disciplinary impact in having a lower rated property over a higher one.

Increasing commercial EPC requirements in England could have result in an unexpected issue for several property owners, as there’s evidence to suggest commercial EPC ratings across Scotland and England may have been incorrectly completed in the first few years of the scheme.

A spokesperson for Scottish Energy Services said:

“It’s all too easy for property owners to forget to review their energy efficiency, but with this new legislation coming into affect next year, it’s more important than ever. Whilst it is a worry that several thousand properties may have had incorrect EPC ratings supplied, we’re here to help: and our expert team can advise and review efficiency standards for properties of all types.”

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