Business Centre – Flemington Street, Glasgow

//Business Centre – Flemington Street, Glasgow
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Project Description

Project Details

  • YEAR: 2015

  • CLIENT: Business Centre – Flemington Street, Glasgow

  • PROJECT: ESOS Compliance 

In this example, the client managed a portfolio of Business Centres across the West Coast we were instructed to carry out an ESOS assessment. We initially started by coordinating with the client and collated all the information required for us to carry out the assessment quickly and efficiently.

Once the information had been collected we calculate the total energy consumption, this included the energy used by assets held or activities carried out by the organisation. Including the energy consumed by buildings, industrial processes and transport.

This allowed us to Identify areas of significant energy consumption. And identify energy saving opportunities energy saving opportunities were broken down into those reasonably practicable short term and longer term opportunities.

The recommendations included the estimated costs and benefits of implementation. Calculating the cost of implementing a measure was based on an analysis of whether the investment will be economical over its entire life. This included taking into account the cost of purchase, installation, maintenance and depreciation.
The final ESOS notice of compliance was then submitted the Environment Agency.