The Peak, Leisure Centre, Stirling

//The Peak, Leisure Centre, Stirling
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Project Description

Project Details

  • YEAR: 2015

  • CLIENT: The Peak Leisure Centre, Stirling

  • PROJECT: ESOS Compliance 

ESOS is new piece of EU legislation which requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’. This means over 10,000 of the UKs largest companies will be required to comply by the extended deadline of end of January 2016.

If your firm employees more than 250 personnel or have an annual turnover exceeding £42.5m then, this will also apply to your firm.

In this example, although not technically required the Management of the ‘The Peak’ were keen to be proactive and implemented a ESOS assessment to stay ahead of the curve, the assessment highlighted several possible areas were improvements could be made, these ranged from behavioral changes, to low cost and higher cost long term energy savings which resulted in ongoing cost savings.

The Assessment took 3 months to complete, staying within the original agreed budget and was carried out in partnership with an ESOS Lead Assessor.